Al Berrong

Al Berrong is Director, Enterprise Forecasting and Analytics at TVA. His responsibilities include economic forecasting, commodity forecasting, load forecasting, economic analysis, quantitative analysis and commercial analysis. Prior to joining TVA, Berrong spent nearly 30 years in the industry working for other utilities including Southern Company, Mirant Corporation and PNM Resources. He has extensive experience in finance, accounting, planning, performance management, systems, financing, mergers and acquisitions. Berrong also developed a successful international consulting practice.

At PNM Resources, Berrong was Executive Director, Financial Planning and Business Analysis where he led financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, mergers and acquisitions. At Mirant Corporation, his positions included Finance Director of the Latin America and Caribbean region and Project Director of Caribbean Development. At Southern Company, Berrong held numerous positions in accounting and finance, including Controller of Southern Company Energy Marketing, and Manager of Financial Planning at Georgia Power Company.

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